Nasser Ghanemzadeh

About Me

I'm an entrepreneur, product expert, and executive coach to startup founders with over a decade of experience in the dynamic landscape of innovation. Throughout my journey, I've had the privilege of steering various ventures, learning valuable lessons, and collaborating with exceptional teams.

I help Post-PMF Startup Founders to excel as visionary CEOs, master the art of scaling teams, and implement robust, scalable management systems.

Here are my public profiles Linkedin, X (Twitter), Youtube, and Instagram

I also had interviews on Iranian public TV channels and featured in prestigious publications such as Forbes, Techcrunch, and Al Jazeera.

I have had Public speaking about Technology entrepreneurship, and innovation as a Technology Evangelist at more than 35+ events [Slides].


Since 2006, I have written about startups, management, business models, Lean Startup, Venture Capital, etc. in the Business of Software blog in Persian/ Farsi. Business of Software was one of the first blogs in Persian written about these topics.

My other profiles

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